Pocket Rocket metal piece broke (is this safe?)

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Pocket Rocket metal piece broke (is this safe?)

xxxfan xxxfan
I wasn't really sure where this question should actually go. But since it's a vibrator and I did buy it from Eden I thought I'd ask you folks.

Last night the little metal piece that connects the battery to the motor in my pocket rocket (specifically this one I bought in 2010: link) broke last night. Unfortunately, it broke right where it would connect from the bottom piece to the top metal piece on the motor. So now it's too short and won't reach the top to get the motor going. Imagine my heartbreak when I went to use it last night!

So I'm trying to fix it because at the moment I can't go and buy another one - mainly because this one is discontinued and I'm not sure if the attachments from this one would fit on a new one. I took a paperclip because I couldn't find any other slim metal pieces lying around my house. I bent and shaped it so it would fit in the rocket with the battery and to my surprise it does actually power the motor. But my question is it actually safe to use with the paperclip? I know this seems like a dumb question, but I want to make sure before I go and enjoy my fixed toy.

(Oops I thought I had posted it under the vibrator section. If that's where it should go kindly move it over there.)
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