International customers: what's your ordering strategy?

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I'm moving back to Canada in a couple of days, and I'm more than a little sad that I'm going to be giving up the quick free shipping that I've been getting whilst living in Florida. How do you place your orders? Will your strategy change now that there will be no free shipping for International customers with assignments? I can imagine that it would have been easy just to wait and place once-monthly orders.

Do you order as you please without regard for shipping? Do you ship to an American friend and have them send the package to you? Do you do one big order and just tough out the fees?

I live about four hours from the border, so I definitely don't intend on paying ridiculous Canadian shipping fees (I'm well aware that they aren't decided by EF, so don't think that I'm angry at the site ). I'm likely just going to wait until I do my next cross-border shopping trip and place an order to be shipped to the hotel to bring home. It's a bit of a let down to have to wait, because I'm mainly interested in lingerie and that goes in and out of stock very quickly, but right now, it's the best strategy that I can come up with. If anyone has better suggestions, though, I'd be happy to hear them, especially with the upcoming changes to the review program.
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