Gift Card vs. Replacement

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Last month I asked my beau to place an order for me to take advantage of the site-wide 30% sale, which was awesome btw. However what was to be my first glass toy, the Swirled Blue Dildo, chipped during shipping.

I'm torn because the Don Wands' toy used to come with a bag, but no longer does. In the return wizard it says original payment is not available, however a Eden Gift Card (Bonus $5) is available. Is it worth waiting for the out-of-stock replacement or should I request the gift card (which would be 17.49+5= $22.49)?

UPDATE: Decided to go for the gift card since the toy is a bit larger than I expected & I could use the money towards a larger order.
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Return for a replacement.
3  (75%)
Return for the gift card.
1  (25%)
Total votes: 4
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