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I am seeking a COUPLE and a VIDEOGRAPHER for upcoming video projects.
A step by step instructional workshop on how to pleasure your lover.

COUPLE: Should be attractive (Athletic Preferred) comfortable in front of the camera, lights, director etc. And will provide their own appropriate wardrobe (to be discussed)

Note: The video will be explicit and very detailed.
Some scenes will be about pleasuring women, some about pleasuring men, another about introducing mild, playful kink.

VIDEOGRAPHER: Should be experienced in taping "on location". They will provide "Broadcast Quality" equipment for video and sound, lighting, assistants/crew (if needed) and have, or have use of editing, dubbing audio/video and all other equipment required to produce a finished product.

Compensation will be on speculation of DVD distribution and sales of the finished product.
Fees will be based on a % of per unit sales (royalty) to the two above mentioned entities
1. "The Couple" and...
2. "The Videographer"
No up-front payment for services is intended or implied. Nor is a guarantee of any royalties.

Contact me if you are interested in being a part of this project.
Dr Grace
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