#Holiday - #Contest - 'Twas the Night Before... - Entry 02

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#Holiday - #Contest - 'Twas the Night Before... - Entry 02

Ansley Ansley
When my current partner moved to my city from out of state two years ago, he was staying with a family member in their office for about a week while getting situated into his new place. We had been friends for a while and were both aware of our attraction to one another, as were some of our closer mutual friends. Coincidentally, I am also a friend of his extended family, and I was at their house late that night visiting. When everyone else went to sleep and we cleaned up the house and kitchen, my (now) partner and I stayed up talking with each other until it was late enough that I fell asleep in the office with him.

Naturally, we ended up waking in the middle of the night in a tiny make-shift bed together with a lot of sexual tension - this ended up being the first night we slept together. When the morning rolled around (it was the morning of Christmas Eve), we came upon our first issue: we could not find my shirt. We became mortified at the thought of leaving the office, which exited straight into the kitchen. We stayed in the room discussing how we could most casually exit until 11am, and tried to wait until we heard as little noise as possible outside the door. When we finally decided to take our chances and exit the room, we were met with the most horrifying situation possible...

We walked out of the office and into the kitchen to be greeted by two of his aunts, two of his uncles, family friends who were who were visiting from out of town, and five of his cousins (who are all mutual friends/connections of ours). Every single one of them gave us the nastiest, most confused looks I have ever seen (and some were trying not to laugh). On impulse, I greeted everyone and said good morning before shuffling out of the kitchen in my tights, skirt and... bra. My partner, on the other hand, decided to play it off like nothing had happened and began making himself breakfast. Of course, it only makes sense that his extended family had previously invited me to dinner later that night and I agreed to attend. It shouldn't be difficult to imagine how that went.

To make matters worse, about two weeks later while we were engaged in pretty rough, loud, dirty talking sex, my partner accidentally “pocket” dialed his aunt while his phone was under his body. Twice. We didn't realize this until after we were done. The entire holiday period, which was full of family and socialization, was one of the most unfortunately awkward experiences we had ever had. All of this and we were still trying to navigate the fresh experience of hooking up unexpectedly.
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