Question for the ladies who enjoy plugs: Do you enjoy regular or vibrating plugs?

Bignuf Bignuf
I enjoy wearing all kinds of plugs. Glass, silicone, metal (and in the olden days,Jelly). However it was only when hubby was penetrating me vaginally that I would pop in a vibrating plug. No prostate, so never thought it was worth wearing alone. Today, I happened to have this little plug with a vibe in, as hubby "enjoyed me" in the shower. It was "quiet" so I decided to leave it in while we went to breakfast (we are on a cruise vacation). No question it was....stimulating. I wasn't sure what to expect, but by the time we got back to our cabin (the battery died, literally as we were heading back), I was totally craving my hubby's tool back in there, and I had a major anal orgasm (he didn't have time to even find my clit or tits) as soon as his penile head popped though my anal sphincter. I am not a "screamer",but I moaned hard, it was such an amazing orgasm.
I am thinking about adding a whole new set of small vibrating plugs to my toy chest now!!! Glad I packed this one for the trip. Any other ladies out there enjoy vibrating plugs? What experience have you had?
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