Vitamins? A Better "O"?

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, it might make sense for someone with a vitamin deficiency to take vitamins and have everything about their body work better, but with NORMAL blood levels, my doctor suggested that since I have started a new diet, to take a basic, low potency, "once a day" vitamin/mineral tablet, "just to avoid dropping low on anything". Within two days, I noticed better erections and stronger orgasms!!! NOT that there was ANYTHING wrong before...there was not, but WITH a simple vitamin in the morning, I became much more "WOW" at night. Wife tried the vitamins for a few days, and had NO noticeable effect. I even did a little experiment and dropped taking them for a week and a half. Within two days, all was back to normal. NO problem...but "normal". Went back on the vitamins this past Monday and again, WOW...every time.

I know this may be all in my head, but since I didn't ever think this would or should happen, I cannot see WHY it would be. These are NOT any "special" vitamins and they are NOT "high potency"...just plain old LOW potency "pharmacy" vitamins!!!

Anyone else have this experience???
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