Do you regret your first time?

Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
So just generally curious, and because my wife gave me this as an interesting topic. Do you regret your first time?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
72  (53%)
20  (15%)
In Between
11  (8%)
I wouldn't Say Regret
6  (4%)
Only some things about it
24  (18%)
Most of it, but not all
1  (1%)
2  (1%)
Total votes: 136
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Taylor Von Taylor Von
YES many reasons why. Not because I wasn't a virgin anymore, but because the other factors involved.
Lilbee Lilbee
I kind of regret the situation, as both I and my partner were in other relationships at the time (both open b/c we were on study abroad at the time so no actual cheating. but still, it would have been nicer if we could have been together when it happened).
But I def. don't regret the decision, the person, or the experience.
toxie m toxie m
Nope. I was too young but I still wouldn't take it back if I could
Miss Madeline Miss Madeline
It was a decision that I made hastily (but logically) and without any appreciation for my virgin status, but I've always been and am still the type of person for whom logic holds more importance than emotion. I still say it was the right decision overall, but in retrospect I may have reached the same conclusion but with a different person, or at a different location, or...
Happy Camper Happy Camper
I was 21. I met a boy. A week later I met him again.. The boy was poly and I was new to sex. I didn't love him. But it felt right. Our relationship has gone a year now and it's been the most dreama-free easygoing relationship I've ever had.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
It wasn't memorable in any way except for it being my first time. If I could do it again I probably wouldn't pick the back seat of a car, but it wasn't an awful experience.
cobiffle cobiffle
IM not sure, mine was an okay experience but nothing special. It always getter better with time so the first was not that great.
zeebot zeebot
I don't regret my first time with a guy, exactly, it just wasn't anything particularly memorable or exciting. My first time with a girl was great though
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I was with the right guy but at the wrong time. It was too soon for me and I don't think I was ready. I wouldn't change anything except my readiness for it.
Waterfall Waterfall
I don't really regret it, I just wish that some of the factors of the relationship were a bit different.
StrawberryEve StrawberryEve
It was with a friend I trusted completely. I have no regrets except for maybe not using a little lube.
Dusk Dusk
Nope. I waited until I was absolutely sure of my decision and the mood felt right for both of us.
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
So many interesting stories!
BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
I didn't even like the guy, and I always wanted that 'special' first. I guess you can't change what has already happened. Even if you really want too.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
The only thing I regret about it is that it was a secret to NO ONE in my family. I just would've changed the location.
Stephanie Marie Stephanie Marie
Well I wouldn't say regret. But then again I think my reasoning for choosing the guy was fucked up. I shouldn't of done that.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
Not really. The guy turned out to be a total jackass, but so do a lot of high school bad-boy boyfriends. I was mentally prepared, we were safe, and it doesn't hold a lot of emotional ties so I don't look at it much differently than many of the other times I've had sex.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I don't regret when it was or who with, but I regret not seeing a doctor beforehand to get those stretching out things. It was so tight he coudln't fit and really painful.
Eliza Eliza
Only some things about -- not using a condom and the absolute paranoia the next day despite the fact that it had been the last day of my period AND he pulled out. The actual sex, though, is not at all regretted.
liilii080 liilii080
Yes, it didn't go how I wanted it to but I learned a lot about myself and what sex was going to be about for me. I don't think I would change it.
phunkyphreak phunkyphreak
No my first time was comfortable & with someone I loved at the time,
Tuesday Tuesday
I partially regret it only because the guy was so much older than I was. So as I look back on it I can see that he was taking advantage of me. My second time, with someone my own age, was much better.

Really interesting question.
Solar Ray Solar Ray
No... I waited too damn long... that's the only regret.
Epicurean Epicurean
I lost my virginity to the lamest guy ever. He lived in the ghetto, could barely string together a sentence and dealt crack and PCP. Constantly getting picked up the police. I was a suburban boarding-school type girl and his whole world was unfamiliar to me. I pretty much don't tell anyone how I lost my virginity.

Despite the circumstances, I don't regret it. I just wanted to get my virginity over with. I've never attached any emotions to the idea. I had already made a point to break my own hymen so my first time wouldn't be painful. And yeah he was lame, but he was good in bed and he was very kind to me. It's not the most glamorous story, but I think the first time is overrated anyway.
Bunnycups Bunnycups
Originally posted by Taylor Von
YES many reasons why. Not because I wasn't a virgin anymore, but because the other factors involved.
moonch1ld moonch1ld
No. If anything I would have liked to lose it earlier. As a guy it can be kind of embarrassing up until you finally have sex.
NuMe NuMe
It wasn't very good, but I don't really regret it. I try not to regret things because everything we do, and that happens to us, makes us who we are.
PinkPedal PinkPedal
Everyone in high school already though I was sleeping around when really I was just a major flirt and was still a virgin, when I was 16 I decided to get it over with so I did it with the "man whore" of my school. he has no ideal he took my virginity and neither does any one else, thats how embarrassing it was.
Sir Sir
I do not really regret anything that I've done in my life, so no, I do not.
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