I would like to find information on "Amputee Sex" because I have a hard time finding female companionship.

nevadashoe nevadashoe
I have checked the local bars,casino's,grocery stores,parks all over this town.But I can't find anyone interested in a right legged disabled vet,but yet all the ladies that I know need smokes or beer they come and ask me.Like this one lady friend that was tired of her dumbass boyfriend, she needed a place to live so i told her that i this motor home? Well we moved it closer to my house fixed up a bit,thinking she would want to get to know me.even after he left with out saying "Good Bye" when he went to calif. well now the dumbass thinks he can spend the night when he wants too.But yet she thinks should use my computer to do her school work.that i should feed them? Well now I'm trying to find someone that want to take a chance on/with me.
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