What "Taboo" falls next?

Bignuf Bignuf
A few short decades ago "good girls" didn't do oral. Believe it or not, it was a "taboo". Now it's considered "ultimate vanilla sex". A few years ago, hetero couples engaging in anal play were considered "freaky" and it too was a taboo. For many today, again, it is "white bread". The "Fifty Shades of Gray", shows that Bondage has gone so mainstream that "grandma and grandpa" might be enjoying it. Just within my lifetime sex toys were a "rare" enough thing to be "not discussed" and other then a white, hard plastic device, sold at a seedy "sex shop" at the front of a "quarter drop porn theater", you couldn't find one. Today, I go into the chain drugstores and there are sex toys on the shelf. I look into a catalog of "elderly aids" and right next to the extended shoe-horns and support hose are a whole myriad of "sex toys"!!!

So...my question. Can you think of anything today that is still a "taboo"? Which of those Taboo's do you think will be the next to "fall"?
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