Women: Do Your Diet and Toys Alter How You Taste?

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Women: Do Your Diet and Toys Alter How You Taste?

DigitalSweety DigitalSweety
I know that what a man has eaten recently affects how his cum tastes. I've experienced it firsthand... it's one of the reasons I used to get irritated when my ex boyfriend ate a ton of meat. It made him taste horrible. I also hate going down on a guy right after he removes a latex condom... all I can taste is latex, which irritates my mouth. Ugh.

So recently, I realized that the same thing kind of happens to me. I'll do a "taste test" before I ask a guy to go down on me so I know there's nothing bad going on down there. Normally, I taste a little... neutral or fruity? Slightly salty-sweet but not in a bad "I have a yeast infection" kind of way.

I've noticed that when I eat sausage or fast food, though, I taste HORRIBLE. I also made the mistake of using a jelly toy without a condom one time (before I understood the dangers) and that made me taste really horrible, too! With the food, I just had to wait. With the toy, I had to clean myself really well - and I never made that mistake again. That's why I now taste new dildos and vibrators before using them.

If this happens to you, what are the usual culprits?
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