Favorite Position?

Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Whats your fave position with your current partner?
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69 Top/Bottom
CarmenGore262 , Mirachaya
2  (1%)
69 Spooning
Sweet-Justice , Reny , PassionCpl
3  (2%)
Riding Forward/Reverse
Gunsmoke , ButchAndFemme , skunked , Fishie Princess , Shayna! , hjtee , Mseg20 , muffles , EnMH , Acorn , AndromedaJane , dks210 , sexxxxykitter , TheParrishism , JessieDawg , Llewey
16  (10%)
BunnyBoy , Kindred , liilii080 , ZenaidaMacroura , AYoungMan , vegan.guy , Lily Night , Ajax , Riley , np702 , DCorrelle , Lummox , Curves , cburger , Mr. Poopy Pants , LittleBird , Lumberman , CantankerousUnagi , JE011 , Reyes , hyperfemmepony , Pinkhare , Triple X Moma , caligaliber , Jimmy Stevenson , RavenWolf88 , Graniteal , Oomph2687 , lcl169 , Do-Re-Mi , Lover of Leather , Kabachu , MissCandyland , Caus , theavocadopit , sexystuffeve , vitriolicvertigo , mpfm , SouthernBelle , Kitka , TigerLily9 , PrincessYagami
42  (26%)
Pleasure Piratess , Carmb47 , Paradoxica
3  (2%)
Brandi Rouxxx , leatherlover , RonLee , RubberDuckie , NaughtyNikki420 , viciouschristine , extrafun , Crash , PiratePrincess , Keegski , MontereyJak , toxie m , NaturalWoman , Solar Ray , phunkyphreak , Mr. E , LikeSunshineDust , Purpleducklings , beautiful , clearhearted , mandiegk , Anjulie , Xiel , MaryExy , Taboada , Fernand0 , mystepmotherisafish , jjonk , PinkPedal , StrapOnStud , gingernicole , ladyinred04 , angel142stx , lanky , Jazz , AnyBariz , Karen Affeldt , Shellz31 , His#1Girl , monkeylover621 , Jenyana , STM , Mew , AndroAngel , eroticmutt , LAndJ , voenne , Hallmar82 , levellc09 , Lizzy , bilovers79 , Rawr4483 , SJ88 , xGOLDx , butts , Starshiptrooper84 , Marcianpro , BeautyLee18 , Tangles , SubmissiveFeminist , DiamondKoala , Bittenflame , bobomomo , iabicpl09 , BlooJay , Undead , carenautilus , NarcissisticLust , Why Not? , marshmallow , Gallowraven , Lori Gonzales , britanny0620 , LoneOokami
74  (46%)
Stephanie Marie , Ash&Becca , bunny love , usmcwife99 , Hot'n'Bothered , Rainbow Boy , PirateofPenance , kawigrl , MAy86 , Nerdydyke , asyouwsh , Voir , mistressg , VelvetDragon , Rockasaurus , tigertiger , funcouple , ginainohio , friendswithfangs , 19WolfMan51 , Stinkytofu10 , twelve13
22  (14%)
Total votes: 162
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BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
<.< Yeah, so I'm boring with the missionary thing. I like looking into his eyes ^/////^
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
I love it when he pounds me from the back and pulls my hair so I can face him at the same time... oh I love that... there are many other positions I love, but out of these choices, this one is my favorite.
P'Gell P'Gell
Hm. Part missionary, with him kind of off on one side or the other. I can't explain it. He's bigger than I am, (at one point, when I was really thin he weighed double what I did, and I think he does this so he doesn't crush me) or with a leg thrown over his shoulder. Side lying, either facing each other or him in back. The Arrow, it's kind of like doggie, but the woman is flat on her belly, and the man has his legs around her, this works for PIV or anal.

I don't like Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl all that much. When he was younger, it was easier. Hell, when I was younger it was easier. We tried for years to do it with me over the edge of the bed, but he's too tall. I also don't like my legs dangling. Same for standing, we have a 15 inch height difference and we can do it this way, but it isn't fun. He humps me in the kitchen or wherever all the time standing up, but actual PIV in this position doesn't work well for us. I'm on my toes and he's basically squatting. Not pretty.

Damn, I'm picky about my positions.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
If actions speak louder than words - for us cowgirl is #1, dogie #2 and missionary with a liberator wedge #3.
liilii080 liilii080
Missionary with the liberator wedge.
viciouschristine viciouschristine
I have a fused spinal column, so my flexibility and range of positions are pretty limited. Missionary is the most comfortable for my back, but it's also the most boring for my husband and me. We've been trying new positions lately, but it seems like we always fall back on doggy or cowgirl.
Pleasure Piratess Pleasure Piratess
Any variation of the spoon is our go-to position, but riding and doggy-style are next favs.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
Doggy style and cowgirl are my go to positions. I love them.
MontereyJak MontereyJak
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Whats your fave position with your current partner?
She loves the doggy style for optimum penetration. Even though there are times when I'm a little too deep.
toxie m toxie m
Doggy is great, it's the only one that really gets all the right spots hit AND leaves me with proper room to stimulate my clit
AYoungMan AYoungMan
Wow, look at all the votes for doggy.
Ash&Becca Ash&Becca
I don't think we really have favorites. We change it up often.
vegan.guy vegan.guy
My girlfriend really only likes missionary . . . and she doesn't seem to want to try new positions.
skunked skunked
it's all about riding!!!
Solar Ray Solar Ray
Well I like them all and more (although scissoring I haven't done a lot of). Doggie is the most erotic in terms of intensity.
Shayna! Shayna!
clearhearted clearhearted
I would say doggie.
Anjulie Anjulie
Originally posted by clearhearted
I would say doggie.
i agree
Curves Curves
if we're using the strap on, lotus. and if not then scissoring.
CarmenGore262 CarmenGore262
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Whats your fave position with your current partner?
bunny love bunny love
Other. I love it when my legs are over his shoulders. We can get into a nice rhythm together that way. It's great for deep penetration, too.
PinkPedal PinkPedal
Doggy all the way!
CarmenGore262 CarmenGore262
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Whats your fave position with your current partner?
usmcwife99 usmcwife99
Ive never been that picky, Just stick it in me for all I care.
Acorn Acorn
I love it when she rides me!
lanky lanky
doggy style, or when shes on top
AnyBariz AnyBariz
Pinkhare Pinkhare
Originally posted by BunnyBoy
<.< Yeah, so I'm boring with the missionary thing. I like looking into his eyes ^/////^
me too ! and kissing .
bigfuckindicksDOTnet bigfuckindicksDOTnet
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Whats your fave position with your current partner?
idk what you call it... im on my back and hes in between my legs....!!!
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