How old were you when you had your first same-sex sexual experience?

P'Gell P'Gell
I never have, not counting childhood exploratory play. And, I'm.... a bit older than 35....
Seth912 Seth912
Around 8.
mizzmilla mizzmilla
I mean I kissed a girl when i was 13 or 14. But anything more than that was 18
CherryDyke CherryDyke
Pretty sure it was 19
Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
I said 16-18 but then I forgot that my best friend and I were about eleven and practiced "making out". Not really a sexual experience. I think I was actually 17 when I had a sexual experience with another woman.
monkeylover621 monkeylover621
Had my first time when I was 17 with my current partner. We've been together for more than 3 yrs now
Kilgorescowboy Kilgorescowboy
14 the babysitter
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I was 19 when I had my very first. It was horrible. I was drunk, my boyfriend at the time was drunk, and this girl that neither of us had ever seen before burst into my room completely effed up on whatever and drunk begging for sex from me, not him. It was terrible and she ended up biting me all over and leaving bruises on me that lasted for a month. I looked like an violent assault victim.

But, in the last year I've had more and the best being with my current girlfriend (maybe I'm biased?).
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
i was 18 and it was with my sister in law
mudpie mudpie
13 when I had my first kiss (with a girl), and we messed around quite a bit at when I was 13 and 14.
PirateofPenance PirateofPenance
I was fifteen when I had my first kiss and nearly eighteen when I first had sex. Long time in between!
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I was 16 when i had my first girlfriend, only one I've had.
lcl169 lcl169
I was 13... we were enacting what a slutty spice girl would do with a man and filming it (SO kinky and funny in retrospect!!). Acting quickly turned to dry-humping and we were definitely into it longer than we should have been were it just for a little play movie about the spice girls!
Drapetomaniacal Drapetomaniacal
I was the summer after second grade, so i must have been about 7, this girl in my summer camp would say we should have sex which meant getting ontop of each other and moving up and down, and we also "kissed" each other's vaginas. another girl saw us doing it and tried to blow up our spot but no adult ever said anything to us about it for real... before I came out this story was a large source of shame for me, at least when would tell people.
phantomsgurl92 phantomsgurl92
Originally posted by Eliza
Pretty self-explanatory.
I was eighteen when I first kissed a girl. She and I dated briefly, but decided to end things on friendly terms. Afterwards there was the occasional kiss, but never anything more than that. Now I'm dating an amazing girl who is totally awesome.
SubmissiveFeminist SubmissiveFeminist
Originally posted by Eliza
Pretty self-explanatory.
Thirteen. Girl Scout Camp is for lesbians! <3
CadmiumKitty CadmiumKitty
good times
friendswithfangs friendswithfangs
20, haha, though to be fair it was my first sexual experience period. and with my girlfriend c':
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Eliza
Pretty self-explanatory.
BG529 BG529
Never... I've never been with someone of the same sex...
Rockasaurus Rockasaurus
I was 19 when I had sex with my first girlfriend. I had made out with a few girls in high school, but I don't really consider that a sexual experience.
Mwar Mwar
I have not. But it doesn't mean I won't.
theavocadopit theavocadopit
Originally posted by Linga
I was bout 10. Me and my best friend had to sit outside the classroom for being loud in class and ended with our hands down each others pants lol. God that sounds bad.
Aww 10 seems so young!
Sex Positivity Sex Positivity
15, I think. More serious stuff happened when I was 16.
Undecided Undecided
never had same sex experience
indiechick indiechick
Originally posted by Eliza
Pretty self-explanatory.
Spin the bottle at a house party in HS led to more
vitriolicvertigo vitriolicvertigo
I think I was a freshman in high school. And things have just gotten better from there ;D
marshmallow marshmallow
CaliGirl CaliGirl
wow according to this poll im a late beginner lol. I guess better late than never
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