FleurDevereux FleurDevereux
For the most part, I think they are eye-catching and sexy.
LuciFaery LuciFaery
I definitely find them hotter than hot. Once I get the money, I'd like to have a few.
sarki sarki
I don't like them
CherryDyke CherryDyke
It all depends on the tattoo and the person. Most of the time I love them, but there are those times...
BellaDonna2884 BellaDonna2884
Depends on the tat but mostly they are attractive.
AmberM AmberM
i Think they can be sexy, but it truly depends on the person and the placement of the tattoo/the tattoo itself.. (:
Lucky21 Lucky21
They can be. I've seen some that just aren't.
Katelyn Katelyn
I love tattoos on women and I would love to get more myself but I want to make sure I will still like them when I get older.
Kitka Kitka
Love them, have them, want more of them all the time lol.
Gingy Gingy
I like them within reason and depending on what and where they are...more thought out ones are better...dont get anything off the wall
Moein Moein
Tattos is just a destortion for woman's body. I hate see tattoo on woman body even it is a small.
ginainohio ginainohio
love them i have 17 and counting
xgamerx xgamerx
I love tattoos on a women, very very sexy.
novanilla novanilla
Love them. I have one and plan to get a few more.
SMichelle SMichelle
Tattoos can be sexy -- though I don't have any.
CadmiumKitty CadmiumKitty
I'm a fan, though I'm way too impulsive to get one myself.
Lavendar Lavendar
Love them, they're super sexy.
gloomybear gloomybear
totally sexy
switzerland switzerland
love tattoos! i got my first one in january of this year - a solitary bird on my wrist. i plan to get so so many more, and much much biggger
mpfm mpfm
My age is going to show here--I don't really like them. I'm not turned off by them, but I don't think they are sexy. Sure, I've seen some interesting ones. But, someday there will be a whole generation of older folks with unidentifiable tats on wrinkled saggy skin. I won't be one of them.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
It really depends on the tattoo, but I generally like them. I grew up spending a lot of time at music festivals, so now I associate people with wildly dyed hair, facial piercings and tattoos with awesome music and community. Tattoos make me think of a lot of my good friends.
bdan bdan
I love them. I would be covered head to toe if I could afford it.
Tork48309 Tork48309
Nope, God made woman too sexy to handle already, tats take away from their natural beauty.
Vaginas Vaginas
so sexy. as long as they're well done. bad tattoos are the opposite of sexy
The Kitty The Kitty
Originally posted by Curves
I find them extremely sexy. What about you guys?
I love tattoos on boys girls and everything in between
aluminummm aluminummm
I love tattoos as long as they aren't appropriative or poorly done.
Happenstance Happenstance
Depends on the tattoos. I like tattoos in general, but some of them just look bad. I feel the same way about piercings. For myself, I want both more piercings and at least one tattoo. I don't know what tattoo to get, though. I'll be twice my age before I finally make up my mind.
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
I love tattoos <3 For the most part anyways. I hate poorly done ones. MY one friend actually stopped talking to me for months because I told him the bird on his caff looked like an 8 year old drew it. Haha.

I myself have one. I have wings covering my whole back. They still need finished, but once I have the money they will be. Also plan on getting a half sleeve, chest piece, and a bunch of small ones later down the road.
Feisty Feisty
I think they are sexy. I love them on my guy... although I don't have any - yet!
hawaiian chick hawaiian chick
Love tattoos!
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