kawigrl kawigrl 10/28/2012

higher quality for go for the basic packer?

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kawigrl kawigrl
would you go for a higher quality more expensive packer or the basic one?
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sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
Mr. Right (Vanilla)
Terri69 Terri69
Mr. Right (Vanilla)
Genderfree Genderfree
For packers, I tend to avoid pack 'n plays, because they tend to have a rod that you insert/take out. The rod COULD poke through the material and hurt your partner, and also, the fact that you're putting in/taking out a rod may shorten the life of the packer.

I'd get a simple one, like the mr. limpy. Myself, I would switch from packer to dong, but I understand that one may have need for more spontaneity out of their "hard-on".
Danneh Danneh
I'd either go for Mr. Right or Pack n' play no 2. though Genderfree does make a great point regarding pack and plays.
Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by kawigrl
would you go for a higher quality more expensive packer or the basic one?
Mr. Right (Vanilla)
Schattenstern Schattenstern
Mr. Limpy, but in XS, maybe Small.. Those things are bigger than you think in your pants!
llellsee llellsee
I'd get the Mr Right for packing and the Pack 'n' play 2 for play.
Harpina is gone Harpina is gone
The Mr. Limpy medium looks good for packing. The reviews on the Pack n' Plays say they're too stiff for packing.
mamaseatspoop mamaseatspoop
Mr Limpy is great for packing, they are bigger than they look though.
comatose-kitty comatose-kitty
Mr. Right
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I have never used a pack and play. Do they work?
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
Mr right
needapacker needapacker
I highly doubt the pack and play ones will actually work as a packer, the mr. limpy medium is way too long be a flaccid cock. So i think you should go with the mr. right or a smaller mr. limpy.
fizzygato fizzygato
The Mr. Right is the best one to me, albeit huge

I think the size is worth it, though, when you consider it's approx the size of a small Mr. Limpy and considerably smaller than the Mr. Limpy med. I think it could also be worth it to just get the Mr. Right and X Small Mr. Limpy, as it's so cheap/ so you can have options
Boyqueen Boyqueen
Mr. Right, though the bulge can be a bit thick.
butts butts
The "pack and play"s aren't really for packing regularly, if you have the money, get a Mr. Right. The Mr. Limpys are just fine too, I've got one and it's lasted me for years with proper care!
Kyle Hunter Kyle Hunter
Mr.Right definitely.. gf and i r doing a Mr Right giveaway come check out our blog 4 details. link
kadelette kadelette
I like Mr. Limpy!
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
Mr Right is right :L
big b big b
mr right
Rab Rab
Mr. Right seems to be the best.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Originally posted by kawigrl
would you go for a higher quality more expensive packer or the basic one?
Mr. Right (Vanilla)
Toy Fiend Toy Fiend
Mr. right
LoneOokami LoneOokami
I like my mr.limpy but Id rather have a pack and play type toy for the duel functionality
TransMarc TransMarc
I'd go for the Mr Limpy, if it's your first one.
HannahPanda HannahPanda
Mr. Right is amazing, but Mr. Limpy is great for the price.
PadoruLover PadoruLover
pack and play 2
Apr 26, 1:36 pm
That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
Mr. Right, hands down. I've never had one that could compare.
May 5, 9:14 am
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