Your Thoughts on Holiday Cards?

snowminx snowminx
When did the idea of giving cards to people even start? I can understand presents or even letters that you hand write but who just said "Yeah, I think a prewritten up card printed out in the masses that you can by at almost any store would be a great thing to give out to people"? Most of the time I would rather just have the money they spent on the card then getting a store bought card. They say it's the thought that counts but how much thought do you really put into traveling to the store and buying a premade card and just signing your name on it?
Oh and then if you get a gift you're supposed to send them a thank you card. Should you really have to send a card for a present someone gave you? What happened to "thank you for the gift"? I don't think you should expect anything in return for a gift you give someone, more so if that was a birthday gift or something that isn't a holiday.
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