What do you have planned for Easter?

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What do you have planned for Easter?

XxFallenAngelxX XxFallenAngelxX
I have a few invitations for Easter, but I can't decide which to do. What are you doing?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Letting my children hunt eggs.
1  (2%)
Going to church service.
spunkmonkey , Bme , married with children , Virgingasms , Gunsmoke
5  (10%)
Spending it with a friend.
eri86 , edeneve
2  (4%)
Spending it with a family member.
FlashFuchsia , KinkyKatieJames , P'Gell , BlooJay , Sera26 , Carlie2010 , Allstars316 , Lioncub , mdnght , sexytileena / absolutely love sex , CutiePatootie , The Vixen , potstickers , karenm , U3H
15  (29%)
Spending it with my partner, alone.
MissCandyland , bratcat , Cosmonaut
3  (6%)
Doing nothing.
Leather & Lace , Rossie , ARPKasso , *Camoprincess*
4  (8%)
I'm not sure yet.
padmeamidala , Kitten has left the site , Talena , Gdom
4  (8%)
I don't celebrate easter.
Loriandhubby , GONE! , Kitka , butts , JackRaiden , sweetpea12
6  (12%)
jennifur77 , Bigkc , sunkissedJess , nikki0668 , Gone (LD29) , TheirPet , Peggi , Ryuson , XxFallenAngelxX , spiced , dv8 , TJax
12  (23%)
Total votes: 52
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padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by XxFallenAngelxX
I have a few invitations for Easter, but I can't decide which to do. What are you doing?
I'm not sure about our Easter plans yet.
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Church for sure. Then probably spending time with my brothers family.
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
Church, then my partners aunts house for a full on family brunch, then back to his parents house later for dinner with just them.
Bme Bme
Church and family.
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I'm not Christian, but I still celebrate Easter for the candy etc. It's a good springtime holiday.
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
Boyfriend and I will be going to my dad's house. My brother, grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins will be there too.
P'Gell P'Gell
I make little baskets for the kids (I know, they're too old, but I've been doing it for ages. So, the one who lives out of state with her partner won't get one, but the college kid will get one and our 13 year old will get one. Last year I cut back a lot on the amount of candy I bought. And, I got, "What? No stuffed bunnies?" These are the kids who filled 4 or 5 plastic garbage bags with stuffed animals the last time they cleaned their rooms. Spoiled rotten, our kids.

Then, we go to my dad and stepmom's house for lunch. Most of the people there are my step mom's family, but they are nice people. My parents are divorced, so we do Thanksgiving with my mom and my step brother and his family. We do Easter with my dad and step mom and maybe my step sister and her husband and kids, if they are able to come (they live out of state) and then we have everybody over to our house for Christmas. Thank G*d my parents can act like adults and are civil around each other, so Christmas is usually nice, too.

My dad may be nutty (and he is certifiable) but he's kind. He wanted to make sure my mother (his ex wife) wouldn't be alone on Easter, so he invited her. She has plans with my cousin and his wife and kids and grandkids, though.

Happy Easter for all who celebrate.
BlooJay BlooJay
Just spending time with my family.
married with children married with children
church, eggs with the kids, dinner with the family.
XxFallenAngelxX XxFallenAngelxX
I still haven't decided yet.. I know that we are going somewhere, lol.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My mother has decided that C is spending the weekend with us (which means I'm not allowed to go to his place for the weekend). We're not Christian. She just wants to show off her mad ham baking skillz.
Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
Not doing anything.
Rossie Rossie
Doing nothing in particular.
ARPKasso ARPKasso
Doing nothing
Virgingasms Virgingasms
I go to church and have dinner with my family.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I'm just spending it with my boyfriend.
bratcat bratcat
It more likely my partner and i will be spending the "holiday" alone, but we may have dinner with my dad that night.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
Family breakfast
jennifur77 jennifur77
We usually don't celebrate. Never have for some reason.
Sera26 Sera26
My mother's birthday falls on Easter this year, it's totally her day. Turkey and bunny cake, I'm fairly certain.
Carlie2010 Carlie2010
Spending it with all of the family
eri86 eri86
Spending it with a friends family.
Bigkc Bigkc
I work all day, then when I get off work, I start my other job later that day.
Allstars316 Allstars316
Gonna spend it with more than one family member. Like all of them. I want an Easter egg hunt. But at my age there might be a war for candy. LOL
JodiPrince JodiPrince
Since my daughter wasn't feeling good on her birthday we decided this year easter would be her birthday party since all of my mom's side of the family get together anyway..we will eat, have her party, let the kids go outside and hunt eggs, and spend all day mostly together. But its been a hell of a week my cousin lost his daughter at 28 weeks on 3/22/13 so the funeral will be the day before easter so its going to be a different celebration this year.
Lioncub Lioncub
We are just spending a quiet weekend at home, my 16 yr old is leaving on the 7th for 6months so it will be our last weekend home with him.
mdnght mdnght
My parents still set up candy filled eggs for my sisters and I to hunt in our living room, and give us easter baskets with a few gifts, and then we go out for brunch, and then go over my aunt and uncle's house for a while. We used to go to church, but not anymore... Although I kinda wish we still did, even though I'm not religious, because that was the day they filled the church with lillies (my favorite flower) and when I was in the children's choir we sang my favorite song (it was actually fun and cheerful!)
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
Not sure yet, my nana normally held Easter dinners but she passed away in February. His parents may hold a dinner this year, still unsure.
sunkissedJess sunkissedJess
I will be working this Easter
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