Your favorite season?

Raggedy Andie Raggedy Andie
I like Spring, Summer, and Fall. I am not a fan of Winter here though. It's freaking COLD! I had to choose one though, so I chose Spring. I love watching things grow and become beautiful again.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I like certain things about each season but I think Fall is the winner. Not hot, cold or rainy and I love the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and colors all around. By Fall the spring babies are moving on their own still young enough to be curious but wise enough to keep a distance. I just love everything about it.
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
I love fall in Texas, particularly hill country.(The colors are beautiful!) Perfect weather.. Not too hot, not too cold.
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
Fall - college football season. We are BIG football fans. Roll Tide!

Although I really DO love the pool in the summer time!
moonch1ld moonch1ld
Summer—no school and nice and warm!
34 34
Autumn for me because summer where i live now is just to damn hot.
Today is a cool 32C lol.
when i lived further south i loved summer.
I have holidayed in the tropics in both wet and dry seasons and the dry is much nicer.
not to keen on spring because i work at night and look after the kids during the day.
Mr.RightNow Mr.RightNow
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
Winter, but keep in mind that we dont techinically have a winter, but it feels like a season to me.
hjtee hjtee
I love the smell, and I love when the kids go back to school!
callsignhusker callsignhusker
fall no contest!
PersonalAngel PersonalAngel
I love winter!! I rarely have cold days so I love it when I have it.
hiroshiro hiroshiro
I'm so grumpy about seasons. Winter is too cold, Summer is too hot, Fall means the semester starts again and Spring is ALLERGY FLOWER DEATH SEASON.
billybobtoy billybobtoy
Falls my favorite because it's never to hot or cold , during winter and summer i complain the hole time wishing it was the other season lol!
purplekidney purplekidney
The only one I don't really like is winter because I hate being cold. I love Spring because everything is coming back to life, Summer because it's warm, and Fall because the air just smells awesome.
guard083 guard083
Fall for me is the best
BadgersRose BadgersRose
Spring for me its all about new life, old life blooming again, the start of the warmer months.

It is just truely beautiful
GravyCakes GravyCakes
Originally posted by Avalee
Your favorite season?
i love winter b/c i'm so hot natured & can't stand hot weather.
Steve of Eden Steve of Eden
Fall... then Winter...then Spring... and Summer last...
sarki sarki
Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
I love the spring. The weather is usually still cool enough to go outside. There is usually enough rain that everything is green. And lots of wildflowers bloom in the spring.
Anjulie Anjulie
Fall, i love the colors and the trees Also the temperature is perfect!
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
where i live, it's hot and hotter lol where i go to school, we have real seasons though. spring bc no more sweaters and big coats
padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by Avalee
Your favorite season?
I love Fall. My favorite season and time of the year.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Avalee
Your favorite season?
No matter what, I love all seasons, but summer is a chance to lose the cloths and put on the heat (romance wise). Always my favorite.
lexical lexical
I can't stand winter or summer...If I could find a place where it was cool, breezy sweater weather all year round, I'd think I found heaven
Beck Beck
hate the snow i live in northeast ohio and it sux ass here when it snows but summer its nice i too would rather be hott anyday than cold also i have eczema so winter its bad summer i have none!
ThoughtsAblaze ThoughtsAblaze
I adore cold weather and snow, so I crave winter.
ss143 ss143
Fall i love hoodie weather and pumpkins lol
v23 v23
I like them all for different reasons, my favorite would probably be autumn though.
Eucaly Eucaly
Fall is the best. I always have a hard time believing just how many people prefer summer. Summer is icky!
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