Favorite shows and why?

.kaycat .kaycat
My favorite shows would have to be My Cat From Hell and Monsters Inside Me both from Animal Planet. I have cats, and love cats so its always a joy to watch and very informational, at times hilarious because cats are silly. Luckily my cats are sweet and nothing like the ones on the show. Monsters inside me is one of those shows were I don't want to watch it but its interesting, gross but Interesting and makes you aware of what most people don't think of. I'll admit after watching it I have the creeps for a while, or I'm a major hypochondriac and paranoid of everything I touch and eat lol. I think I also enjoy Modern Family for its comedy, and Korean dramas for sappy love stories. Overall I love NatGeo, Animal Planet, Discovery..Nova those shows that are educational I guess appeal to me more.
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