China's "leftover" Women

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the above link is to a magazine discussing how a Chinese government propaganda campaign. Basically, the Chinese government is afraid that because so many women in neighboring nations are putting off marriage, if Chinese women did the same, it could be disastrous. They believe that because of the growing gender ratio disparity (more men than women) if women don't get married men will become irate and riotous. To remedy this, they're trying to convince women that if they don't get married by the time they're thirty, their lives will be ruined and they'll die alone, successful but unhappy. This is both sexist to women, equating happiness to men, but also sexist towards men. I for one, as a man, think the idea that we'll all riot if we don't have a wife is idiotic. That might be a societal difference between Americans and Chinese though. What are your thoughts?
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