Do you belong to a PRIVATE CLUB? Either yourself or your family?

Bignuf Bignuf
Wondering about the "social" aspect of the members of this site. I was surprised as all get out to read that, despite the economy, MORE people then ever are members of private clubs!!! That includes everything from GOLF CLUBS, YACHT CLUBS, to SOCIAL CLUBS like Rotary, Moose Lodge, Masons..etc. Thus, I think it crosses all barriers of income and age, but since ALL still cost some money to be members, I would think less people, not more, would belong...but that is not what the numbers say. We are members of the SOCIAL CLUB in our community (includes use of the pools, dinner club and fitness center).

SO....are YOU a member of PRIVATE CLUB? You can detail what kind in your answer if you like.

I think this would be pretty interesting.
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