Do you have mobile food storage? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
W/we don't only have lots of food in O/our RV but a horse trailer as well, so in case if W/we ever had to get the hell out of anywhere it's ready to roll!

I find it funny seeing it in some prepping shows that some people have a truck for example, ready to roll, but they do all those drills of loading it up in case of emergency, spending let's say 10-15 minutes of loading everything up, instead of keeping all the needed things in there (intended for such a purpose only/mainly) - so it is a waste of time, because you can just fill it neatly with everything you'd want to take with yourself, instead of leaving a LOT of stuff behind only because you never had it ready to go way ahead...

(Some of you who have bumped into some of my threads and reviews may know that I strongly believe that no matter how fine life is, you just never know what could happen, and it's a smarter idea to be prepared for any emergencies... Because just think of events over history: people didn't expect a war to happen for example, or a natural disaster, and in better cases they were just bummed, in worse cases they just died because they didn't have the necessities to survive... :S Not to mention if you have a family, kids - it is only not right, crazy in my opinion if you, as a capable person, don't do your very best to provide everything for your beloved so nothing ever can hurt them - as much as possible... ^^)
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