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Today on Lelo Design I came across a short article about a newfound use of Lelo's Siri: helping those in the music industry to relax their vocal cords and aid in voice therapy. The ever popular TV program, The Doctors, held an interview with Canadian Drama Professor, David Ley, on how this works. You can see the interview here. Ley explains in an interview with The University of Alberta's Whats Next, "The revolutionary voice technique I am developing at the University of Alberta uses a small hand-held vibrator applied to specific points on the head and neck to reduce tension associated with vocal stress. The vibrator stimulates vocal-fold vibration and has the ability to enhance resonance — sound becomes easier to produce and is louder and more powerful... we are starting to explore ways that this easy-to-apply technique could help to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from vocal fatigue, because of overuse, misuse, age or illness."

While still in it's early stages of research this could be a revolutionary tool in helping those who may have injured vocal cords, or even improving your day to day singing.

What do you think of this unique way of using your siri or other personal massager? interested in trying this for yourself to try and improve your singing? or do just find this article/use of the toy to be silly?
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