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Here's the deal: I've never been traveling other than family-related trips on-continent. There's just never any money or time, it seems. I'd totally love to, though. My boyfriend just found out a couple days ago that his work is sending him to Spain (!) in August for free to attend a conference and I was so jealous that I could hardly be happy for him, haha. He offered to pay part of my ticket to accompany him and I would so absolutely love to do this except that even with his help, money is realllly tight. Like, I currently have 600$ in my bank account and that's it, and I'm somehow supposed to pay tuition next year (that's another story) and fly out to Calgary in the July (I'm in Ontario) for my annual visit with my family. I have a part-time job that pays minimum wage while I'm in school, but hopefully in the summer I'll find full-time.

Has anyone ever come up with a brilliant way to fund their travel? I have some time before August rolls around to try and make this work, but I just don't quite know where to start. Is it just a case of getting more jobs and learning to live without sleep?
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