What kind of milk do you drink?

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What kind of milk do you drink?

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I drink 2% reduced fat and I love chocolate milk. My daughter has allergies so she can only have rice milk.
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1% lowfat
Kithara , Badass , Azule , SexyRayne , meitman , PropertyOfPotter
2% reduced fat
ksparkles16 , Beck , Allstars316 , Starshiptrooper84 , Silverdrop , Badass , TrophyWife , Subska , PolyLove , JessCee , Azule , ViVix , NurseKitty , Dnice , indiglo , MamaDivine , Secret Pleasure , melissa1973 , RonLee , hyacinthgirl , Raigne , plaidvulva , xOhxSoxScandalousx
whole milk
bayosgirl , Beck , Starshiptrooper84 , corsetsaurus rex , PolyLove , Azule , Incendiaire , Dnice , jmex83 , Raigne , Various
chocolate milk
TheSinDoll , Kithara , ksparkles16 , Silverdrop , Subska , PolyLove , Azule , SexyRayne , indiglo , MamaDivine , Secret Pleasure , melissa1973 , CrystaCat , jmex83 , dv8 , RonLee , Raigne , GONE!
soy milk
Starshiptrooper84 , corsetsaurus rex , P'Gell , JessCee , Azule , Ghost , smc3115 , dv8 , Raigne , ghalik , BlooJay , Various
almond milk
funluvinmama , corsetsaurus rex , Ghost , NurseKitty , sassyNsensual , ghalik , spiceboy , wildorchid , darthkitt3n
rice milk
corsetsaurus rex , Ghost , ghalik
hemp milk
coconut milk
Rossie , Starshiptrooper84 , corsetsaurus rex , P'Gell , Azule , Ghost , NurseKitty , sassyNsensual , dv8 , spiceboy
flax seed milk
dry milk
I dont drink milk
TheSinDoll , unfulfilled , Petite Valentine , - Kira - , sktb0007 , P'Gell , Lizzy , Mwar
Total votes: 101 (53 voters)
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TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
I don't drink it unless it's chocolate. I just can't stand the taste of it. My Grandfather used to spoonfeed me cornbread mashed up in buttermilk when I was little and I loved it then, but now - no way.
Kithara Kithara
I drink skim, but since that wasn't an option, I chose 1%. I looooove chocolate milk when I am being bad.
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
I love chocolate milk! If I drink regular milk it's normally 2%
Rossie Rossie
"So Delicious" brand original flavor Coconut milk, the best tasting one among various brands.
Beck Beck
I rarely drink it but we usually by 2%, however we have a 1 year old who needs to drink whole milk, so we are currently buying that.
Starshiptrooper84 Starshiptrooper84
Whole, 2%, coconut or soy. Love em all
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm not a fan of milk at all so I chose I don't drink milk option. However, on occassions I will mix up Hershey syrup & Milk when I'm craving something sweet and I have no sweets in the house.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
I drink semi-skimmed, which I think is what is called 2% over there. It's a compromise. I think skimmed milk is barely flavoured water, but I know I could do with less fat in my diet. I love milk: unflavoured, chocolate, or vanilla. So yummy!
Badass Badass
Generally 1 or 2%
Subska Subska
I drink 2%
sktb0007 sktb0007
I do not like milk.
corsetsaurus rex corsetsaurus rex
Vanilla soy milk is tasty! Although so is whole milk, for when I just don't give a flip about making myself sick. Skim isn't really worth the stomachache for me though, it just tastes like weird water.
P'Gell P'Gell
We have soy milk and powdered soy milk for either baking or for my youngest dd to drink. I also have my husband buy me coconut milk ice cream.

I don't drink any milk, myself. Neither does anyone else in our family, except our youngest, who drinks the soy milk. I never have cow's milk in our house, unless we have company so they can put in into their coffee.
PolyLove PolyLove
I drink 2% but that is because I am on WIC and that is what they suggest breast feeding mama's drink. Idk why... But I do enjoy Whole Milk better, and if I don't add some kind of chocolate mix to my milk something may be wrong. Lol.
Azule Azule
Chocolate for fun, soy for protein, and regular just as a part of my breakfast. I definitely have never had hemp milk, wonder how that tastes.
Lizzy Lizzy
no milk
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Secret Pleasure
I drink 2% reduced fat and I love chocolate milk. My daughter has allergies so she can only have rice milk.
2% even though my Dr. keeps telling me to drink a different kind...
NurseKitty NurseKitty
Organic 2%, coconut and almond milk. We like to mix it up in my house
SexyRayne SexyRayne
one percent
OhMy! OhMy!
We drink skim, but that wasn't an option.
Mwar Mwar
No milk. If I do it's skim. However, I prefer yogurt.
CrystaCat CrystaCat
I drink chocolate milk like twice a month but thats about it the taste of milk is just not tjere for me...
jmex83 jmex83
Originally posted by Secret Pleasure
I drink 2% reduced fat and I love chocolate milk. My daughter has allergies so she can only have rice milk.
Ill drink almost any kind.
DustBunny DustBunny
Skim milk, I can't tolerate anything but it. Something about the fat contents in milk makes me feel queasy. From time to time I'll make chocolate milk with fat free chocolate syrup as a treat when I'm craving chocolate.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
Organic 2%, and I have to have it with something chocolate, or I feel queasy. I mostly use it in cooking.
SMichelle SMichelle
I drink 1% milk, and yes, I do like chocolate milk, as well.

Vanilla almond milk is also very, very good, but I haven't bought it in ages.
Chocolate milk!
spiceboy spiceboy
Chocolate almond milk! All almond milk is not created equal though. I hate Almond Breeze, it's all about Whole Foods and Trader Joe's store brands, original! Unsweetened almond milk just tastes like pureed nuts, "original" has a little sugar and some flavoring, super delicious.

Sunflower milk is amazing too, I just tried it this week and it's great in pancakes! Strong flavor, so you've gotta like sunflower seeds to enjoy it.
lisasharrer lisasharrer
Originally posted by Secret Pleasure
I drink 2% reduced fat and I love chocolate milk. My daughter has allergies so she can only have rice milk.
2% but i cant drink it im lactoses so i cook with it
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