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Not sure if this has been discussed here at all, if so, I haven't seen it!

I'm definitely very seriously looking into getting a membership to No Fauxx. Seems like it would be porn that's actually right up my alley. Honestly short of a little erotic fiction here or there I have pretty much abstained from the world of erotica, but No Fauxxx seems more "real," more queer (which I like) and just generally more oriented towards stuff I like (Ie. I like real lesbian action, I like seeing trans people both male/female, etc.). Anybody else checked the site out before? Thoughts? I've been meaning to join up as soon as I get another job landed, but am curious to see if anyone else has any experiences to share.

Also, I noticed the No Fauxxx produced "Seven Minutes in Heaven" on the product search earlier this evening (I"d love to review it, but it's not available yet!) and that got me thinking about it!
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