Do you have a problem with your partner viewing porn?

LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
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11  (8%)
112  (85%)
It's complicated, I'll explain
9  (7%)
Total votes: 132
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Gary A. Gary A.
No because I don't have a partner.
Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Nope, I watch porn, my partner watches porn, sometimes we watch porn together. There's nothing wrong with it, its a healthy, normal, fantasy.
js250 js250
Hell no!! We both watch porn and enjoy it!!
Brandonn Brandonn
No, it's o.k. as long as it doesn't cause consequences for them, or me.
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
No because I love porn too!
Subbi Subbi
No because I love watching porn with him!
sktb0007 sktb0007
No. He can watch it whenever he wants!
Taylor Taylor
No problem at all with it. After all, I watch it too. I do wish we had more time to watch it together though.
Lavender420 Lavender420
No but after a while it gets a bit old..
NurseKitty NurseKitty
Nope, we watch it together and some times he watches without me but all is good cause it just makes him want me!
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
Nope. Porn is fantasy so I have no problem with it whatsoever!
AzealiaB AzealiaB
we watch it together n send each other good videos we find!
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I said "no" but my lover doesn't watch porn anyway, but I wouldn't have a problem if she did - in moderation.
blacklodge blacklodge
Nope. I watch it more than he does.
All His All His
we watch porn together and separately
ThoughtsAblaze ThoughtsAblaze
I don't mind at all. In fact, we frequently send porn links back and forth as a hint of what we want to do together.
winterseve winterseve
I only get a bit upset because I'd like to watch too and play as well.
Greenleaf Greenleaf
Nope. We like a lot of the same things anyway, so we share anything fun we come across. The only way I'd have an issue with it is if he were viewing something with illegal activities in it.
SMichelle SMichelle
No. He can watch he wants.
ss143 ss143
As long as its not addiction type watching porn where he'd rather watch it than be with me I don't care i know he watches it and he knows I watch it lol
smashthepatriarchy smashthepatriarchy
Originally posted by LavenderSkies
Private poll
Not at all. And it would be stupid if I did because I watch porn often.
prttynink prttynink
Nope. I watch it myself, and every now and then we discover a new twist on a fantasy we hadn't thought of.
oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
I watch way more porn than he does. We've tried watching it together but he doesn't like the same things I like.
Harpina is gone Harpina is gone
No because we watch it together.
corsetsaurus rex corsetsaurus rex
No, not with my current partner, but he's earned that trust.

However, I did have a lot of issues with a porn-addicted ex that got some horrible ideas about women and sex in general from his obsession, and it started bleeding out into real life.
This is to say, there was a time there with my latest relationship where I flinched every time porn was mentioned, and prayed it wouldn't start eating his free time and induce him to demand I get some appearance-changing surgeries and act "dumber and sluttier" to conform with his new standard of beauty like some people I've mentioned... so yes, I guess for that brief period there have been times when I have had a problem with it, but for baggage reasons rather than issues with porn use/masturbation itself.
DiamondKoala DiamondKoala
No, I mean whatever she does in her free time is hers to do.
Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie
We will sometimes watch together
Fuck it. Fuck it.
Nope. We both watch porn and it's never been a big deal.
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by LavenderSkies
Private poll
no not at all..Ill buy it for him and occasionally watch it with him
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