Anti-Depressants, Libido, and Long-Distance

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Anti-Depressants, Libido, and Long-Distance

Chilipepper Chilipepper
So, with the switch in my anti-depressants, my dead drive has now come back to life and raring to go ... however, Master is in another country so there's no way to share the new libido with him, as the one time we were together in person I was on the older meds and not up to snuff on the sex (but we still enjoyed it).

It had been a long while since we touched on the sexual part of our relationship that I feel extremely rusty and quite frustrated. As I respect our relationship, I certainly won't go looking for a closer-to-home boy-toy. And toys just can't take the place of a participant with a pulse and warm body.

I was able to deal with the long-distance while not having a libido, but now that I have it again, the distance is unbearable. Since it's well-past bedtime for him now, I can't discuss it with him at the moment - but I have sent him an email explaining my new situation.

Anyone want to commiserate, offer advice, etc, or have an extra $1500 lying around for a plane ticket? (JK on the last bit.)
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