Sex and conflicted emotions

Fellicity Fellicity
I've recently started dating for the first time after leaving a two-year relationship. I'm seeing a wonderful guy, very caring and sweet, and it's new enough in our relationship that we haven't had sex yet. But I'm worried about how I will react when we will.

Now, when I masturbate, I begin crying after orgasm because I really miss sex with my ex. He made me really feel something and emotionally connect to not only him but myself when we had sex. I don't miss many things about the relationship (why I ended it), but I do miss that... the closeness, comfort and amazing way he made me feel. And I'm scared to death that I'll never have that again - and how I'll react when I do have sex for the first time in this, or any other, new relationship.

Does anyone have advice to keep me from breaking down sobbing when I try to be with another lover, or being so scared I will that it will keep me from even trying to enjoy the experience? Or enjoy masturbating again? Any insight is welcome.
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