He doesn't like toys?

SecretLove SecretLove
Ok, so when it comes to sex toys, my boyfriend usually buys them. we both have toys, but both of mine broke, and when i ask him if i can get replacements, he gets cranky. He has a Fleshlight, and i have Icicle No. 4 and an Adam and Eve bullet(It was free with our order).
Both of these items have broken, and while the glass dildo portion if the Icicle is still functioning, i find the ridges to be extremely uncomfortable, and I never use it. The bullet's motor is slowly dying, making it more of pain in the butt to use.
I really would like to get new, working toys, but i hate it when he's crabby.
Any suggestions on what to do?
(I'd be more than willing to buy myself new toys, but my situation is very difficult at the moment.)
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