When things go blah....

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When things go blah....

jmex83 jmex83
After being with my wife for nearly 3 years (married 1 yr this august), we find ourselves drifting. Not drifting out of love, but rather just.....bored? Ok maybe that came out wrong.

We both kind of have our own things that we do. Mostly, she and I (when we're home together), tend to be in separate parts of the house and rarely find ourselves having much to talk about. She works online as a cam model and I work during the day first shift. Im home by 3pm every day, but yet we only spend maybe two or three hours tops together. Most of that is discussing bills, stuff about the kids or other household issues/stuff that needs to be taken care of. Sometimes we'll watch a favorite show together, eat dinner together or what not.

What bothers me is, she is online a lot (working or keeping in touch with friends/family across state) and I am either watching my movies or on my computer playing my game or we'll both spend time with our daughter or her kids, but its usually at different times lol. Most of the time, we're ok with this arrangement. We'll play with our daughter and she goes to my ball games. But its the communication thing that bothers us. We both know its a problem and we both see it as our "needs work" area in the relationship. But the problem is...How. How do we find things to talk about when we already know pretty much everything about each other? We know our likes, dislikes, fantasies, sexual preferences, we really do know a lot about each other because our first year together we did so much together, spent every waking moment together and talked about everything under the sun.

So I guess my point is, how do we find something that we can talk about or learn new things about each other to keep things heated up or at least just interesting? We love each other unconditionally, we just find ourselves reaching when it comes to conversation. We think that if we had some way to talk about other stuff, and learn more about each other, that we'd probably end up spending more time together. We don't have a whole lot in common as far as likes/dislikes and preferences on things, but we do share a lot in the way of family and our kids. Its just hard sometimes. Any ideas? How do YOU keep things interesting when it comes to communication or learning new things about your SO?
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