Would you rather?

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Would you rather?

tickle me pink tickle me pink
No way would I ever share my hubby with anyone. And I know he feels the same about me. So strangers for me.
AngelicaU AngelicaU
Ugh I'd hate to watch my boyfriend with other people.. I'd just feel left out.
Mommy2 Mommy2
id rather watch people I don't know
YoungSpunkyLove YoungSpunkyLove
I prefer to watch strangers...

[callsignhusker: this isn't because I'm insecure in my relationship, but would rather my partner be with ME watching rather than me watching him with someone else... unless I read the initial poll incorrectly, this is how I took it.]
Daniel & Brittany Daniel & Brittany
gotta go with the strangers
ac0313 ac0313
Originally posted by callsignhusker
I'm surprised at the results to this poll, I would think that the compersion felt for your partner when watching them be happy would make that the most popular category. Insecurity in relationships seems to be rabid..
I agree for the most part. My SO and I have an open relationship and we are free to be with whomever we choose as long as we are safe. I would really enjoy watching her with someone else, but we have not yet found another guy who is comfortable with that scenario. We have engaged in FMF which often turns into mostly FF with me watching since she is so responsive and other girls absolutely love her...

We are secure in our relationship and desire for each other that sharing is not an issue for us at all. In fact, we always return home to sleep with each other and do not stay overnight somewhere else. This is just one of the things we do to keep ourselves grounded with each other.
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
I'm to jealous to watch my partner with someone else.
SiNn SiNn
Originally posted by sugarOne
Which one would you prefer while watching?
never truelly like d watchn groupes of ppl i didnt know as much as i do my better half
Steve of Eden Steve of Eden
I vote random just because I do that in porn all the time lol
big b big b
Ash1141 Ash1141
I'd rather watch random people.
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
Hubby says (surprise surprise) he'd rather watch me with multiple partners.
I'm pretty indifferent. We've had "competitions" in which we've watched other people we know have sex, and we watch porn regularly, which I think counts as "people we don't know" lol
Willow Wand Willow Wand
My BIGGEST fantasy right now (and has been for years) is to watch my husband get a blow job from another woman.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Out of the three, people I didn't know
swaggsohott12 swaggsohott12
i could NOT watch someone i know they would have to be random
PrettyPurple PrettyPurple
Can't even stand the thought of my guy with another girl so I wouldn't be able to watch him with someone else. Seeing someone who you don't know/random people make it less awkward lol
jdFtM jdFtM
All of the above!
chibi1091 chibi1091
Group lol
Badass Badass
Originally posted by sugarOne
Which one would you prefer while watching?
that is actually one of my "before i die" sexual wishes, to watch a group of people
Beck Beck
Originally posted by Airen Wolf
I love watching my partner with one or more people.
me too!
The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
Originally posted by sugarOne
Which one would you prefer while watching?
Gotta say random people. Ever have a hotel room where the people in the next room are really getting it on.... and getting turned on by it.
Siekarr Siekarr
Random people. I like porn
freda freda
Originally posted by sugarOne
Which one would you prefer while watching?
random people
Apirka Apirka
I would rather watch a group of random people I don't know. I wouldn't want to watch my partner with someone else because I'm a little bit of the jealous type.
MimiPhryxus MimiPhryxus
I have a lot of fun being a voyeur so I voted all three...

I love watching my hubs with my girlfriend, its the best porn ever!
But yea watching a group or even people I don't know...well I haven't watched that live yet but online is awesome haha
kawigrl kawigrl
people i don't know
Ashley2012 Ashley2012
always has been a fantasy of mine to watch my bf have sex with another woman
Various Various
I'd rather watch a group of people I don't know. I have no interest in watching people I DO know having sex.
Tangles Tangles
I would like to be watched.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I love watching my partners with each other, or watching my primary partner fool around with other people. At the moment, none of us have sex outside our triad, but we like watching each other a lot.
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