What is an unusual thing you have done to "spice it up"? Please share ideas!!!!

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What is an unusual thing you have done to "spice it up"? Please share ideas!!!!

Bignuf Bignuf
My hubbies job has a hotel next door so out of town visitors to the business have a place to stay. One day (it may have been his birthday), I spoke with his manager and arranged for him to have no afternoon "assignments" so he could take a LONG birthday lunch. His manager came to find him, told him that he was to take a two hour lunch, as a "birthday surprise" and handed him a card from ME (manager assumed I was taking him somewhere for a nice lunch...ha, ha. I sort of was). SO...inside the card is a KEY to the hotel next door, with the room number, and "meet me at noon".

When he arrived, I met him at the door, in sexy lingerie and, being a considerate wife, had a beautiful lunch of his FAVORITE things, ready "picnic style" for him, in the room. He could eat it, eat me, and we had a solid hour and a half left to PLAY.

I was told he had a "cat ate the canary" grin on his face, all afternoon.

It was WORTH the $100 for the hotel room!!!!

SO...anyone else have any "ideas or suggestions" for SPICING IT UP a bit, that are creative???

Thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for NEW ideas.
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