Would you let a man/woman pick out your toy for you if they had a thing for you?

Undecided Undecided
There is a man who wants to sleep with me but right now its not likely. I am chatting with him and he asked what I was doing I said searching for a toy...he said so you are looking for a new vibrator?! Well yes would it be awkward to ask him to pick it out?
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If he wants to help let him
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No-Explain Why Not
18  (18%)
Total votes: 100
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Noelle Noelle
I would let him after I've gotten to know him sexually. You can determine if he is kinky, more conservative, etc. You two may or may not match in that catagory. You don't want a 5 vroom 10 inch realistic vibrator if he would pick out a bullet.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Why not to let him help...
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Originally posted by Master DarkWolf
Why not to let him help...
Agreed, I LOVE it when my Master tells me what to obtain, and I add my opinion if it isn't such a good item because of something for example... ^^
Bex1331 Bex1331
No only because you said it was not likely that you would sleep with him, letting him pick out a toy would send the wrong message.
If you were interested in him then yea let him pick it out, I'd love it if my bf picked out a toy he wants to watch me use, that'd be so hot!
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
haha why not? might be a little awkward
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I'm thinking that might be awkward.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I pick out 100% of the toys my wife uses. Her explanation is that I know her better than she knows herself!
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
If you feel like he has a good impression of what you'd enjoy, then I don't see why not.
JennSenn JennSenn
No, not if you don't plan to sleep with him. If you don't want to be sexually involved don't encourage it. It'd be sending mixed signals. However, since you were the one to mention you were looking for a toy maybe this is something you want?

Personally, I'd love it if my boyfriend bought me a toy or just picked one out he'd want to see me using. I think that's kind of hot. But that would be someone I'm in a relationship with.
Gracie Gracie
If he has an opinion I would listen. You never know he might have good ideas and you might learn a little something. But then I would get what I want.
Undecided Undecided
The reason I said sleeping with him right now wasn't likely is NOT because I am not attracted to him cause I am he works away from home and lives an hour or so from so its bit of an odd situation. I recently broke up with my boyfriend :'( but such as life!! I sent this other guy the list of items I wanted and he chose from that list!!
<3BF <3BF
If he pays for it sure I do agree that it might string him along a bit but if you communicate that a toy is just a toy and not his penis then it becomes his fault if he doesn't respect your limits.
Undecided Undecided
I planned on using my points He offered to buy me one a few months ago when I was NOT single but I told him I couldn't allow him to do that and have to explain where it came from. I mean yes my ex knew I did toy reviews but I couldn't lie to him either. An the guy knows the boundaries and what not
EdenUser EdenUser
Let him if he actually knows what he's talking about and not just trying to get off. If he's just trying to get off (like chooses a toy that has low ratings just cause it looks nice) then tell him to fuck off. Lol.
Undecided Undecided
He actually chose the one I wanted the most
So its all good (: Can't wait for the order to get here!!
Bodhi Bodhi
Only if I was already sleeping with them.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Congrats! And my girlfriend and I pick out toys for each other regularly, but we've been sleeping together for a long time and know what we like
sweetiejo sweetiejo
It depends on whether or not you two have similar tastes with sex. Like a lot of others have stated it may not work well if he has a different taste, you could always work with him to pick it out let him give input.
amazon amazon
How's that any different than flirting?
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
Originally posted by Undecided
There is a man who wants to sleep with me but right now its not likely. I am chatting with him and he asked what I was doing I said searching for a toy...he said so you are looking for a new vibrator?! Well yes would it be awkward to ask him to pick ...
I would let him. It would be nice to see what someone else would pick out for me. I'd get a kick out of seeing what he thinks I would be into. I don't think it would be weird at all. If you feel comfortable enough to tell him your looking for a new toy, I don't see a problem with him helping you choose.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
No, because I have to agree to it first - wouldn't want her to buy something I end up not liking.
Feisty Feisty
sure, why not?
Bowen Bowen
There's nothing wrong with a second opinion, lol.
Lavendar Lavendar
if you don't plan on being sexual with him, it seems awkward
PeachCandy PeachCandy
Every body needs a little help some time
It doesn't hurt to look
Danneh Danneh
I agree with Nykatron. If you have no interest in him what so ever- it seems kind of weird.
But if there was a chance of a sexual relationship? Sure. I'd have no problem with letting a guy help me pick out a toy.
Undecided Undecided
We will eventually have a sexual relationship just depends on timing that is why I was wondering I mean it was awkward asking but he said I am GROWN and you are too so ask away
booboo111926 booboo111926
it would be to awkward for me personally
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