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Mistress Sassy Mistress Sassy
Since the little personal statement was so tiny.. here's so much more about me! xD

Hello there! My name is Maggie, but you can call me Mags, or by my username Mistressdead. I am currently twenty-three years old and attending community college in order to earn my graphic design and photography degrees here in Seattle, Washington. I’ve had my heart broken twice, but am currently with my boyfriend of a few months is starting to become the love of my life. I love to read, write, draw, paint, and express myself via my artistic abilities. I’ve always had a very keen interesting in writing since I was quite young, even to this day I want to write short stories, or possibly even some paranormal/supernatura l romance novels at some point.

Writing is a passion of mine. I love sharing details, details, details, and giving good advice to people when I can. I think reviews are a very key part of how others look at items they want to buy. Many of us will read reviews about an item, debate, look at the ratings, and possibly if we agree, or are willing to take a chance we’ll buy that item and see what it’s like. I love being a little bit challenging to myself in order to trying new things, but I think I would make a great asset to Eden Fantasys because I would always have an open mind, I would be honest in my reviews whether I liked something or not, I think I could help out on the website, especially in the forums to give advice on toys, and I would love to write reviews for items that have a lack of ratings! Everything on this lovely website desires to be reviewed, rated, and be shown to new members and old that this product is worth buying. I hate seeing products without reviews, even if I sometimes buy items based on them myself, I think every item here deserves to have someone try it at least once!

I really hope to pass on some experience by becoming an advanced reviewer, and I really look forward to hopefully joining your ranks. I want to help Eden Fantasys reach more of their customers by more reviews and ratings being out there to help interest a customer into purchasing an item. Thanks much!
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