How often do you wear a plug?

Kkay Kkay
I haven't, but would be interested in trying.
ladyred ladyred
As often as possible
BlackxxxRose BlackxxxRose
If I had a better plug it would get more wear.
anonomous anonomous
Never tried it.
tickle me pink tickle me pink
I only have one, and it's not really suited for long-time wear, so for now I just use one during playtime.
callsignhusker callsignhusker
just around sexytime
null null
Two days after I got my Pure Plug Medium, I wore it around town for about 5 hours. It was awesome!
Lately though, only before/during playtime.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Occasionally I'll wear one around my place (don't tell my boyfriend, he doesn't know I sometimes take one with me) but I'd like for us both to get more adventurous and wear them outdoors or while we sleep. Sounds like fun to me!
acessorie acessorie
I'm intregued lol
Dr Anal Dr Anal
I will honestly wear one whenever I get a chance to it is just such a naughty feeling especially when you are in public knowing that you have one in and no one else knows.
carenautilus carenautilus
I've worn plugs for extended play sessions, but not out of play. I am super curious, though...
El Presidente El Presidente
I wear it to work to make the day pass quicker. Wish I was standing and walking more in my job to get some more motion and stimulation from it

We made it part of play too... My girlfriend likes to knock on my glass plug with her fingernail, which goes right through to my P-spot...
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've not been a fan of plugs - but I've started to wear the Pure Plug (med) because it reminds me to do kegals. I get no prostate stimulation from wearing it.
Mr Dj Mr Dj
Originally posted by BlackxxxRose
If I had a better plug it would get more wear.
what kind a plug was it? I like my Ace Royal
Toys in Love Toys in Love
During playtime mostly, but sometimes sleep with one.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Kind of new to wearing a one last week and wore it around the house...
PonyGirl Sin PonyGirl Sin
Plugs are fun. I have in the past worn them to work. Around the house is an almost all day thing for me about 3 or 4 days a week.
mistressg mistressg
Never, not for me.
JRabbits JRabbits
Never, not my thing.
JRabbits JRabbits
Originally posted by bayosgirl
Only during playtime so far, since the only plug I have won't stay in.
Use Ductape, that should hold it in.
Mr Dj Mr Dj
don't own a pure plug, but I like to wear for a few hours a day 3-4 days a week something like ace royal (silicone), moon shine, and other stuff. Found UR3 Raging plug to be very comfortable and very filling for extended wear.
jj1228 jj1228
I am waiting to get a pure plug so i can wear it around the house. The plug i have now it not good for it
Kaltir Kaltir
I'm ordering the Pure Plugs soon and am planning on using them as often as possible;-)
Clandestine Clandestine
Love the Pure Plug Large. The narrow neck makes it great for wearing for a while... I tend to wear it every few days, and also once to work... I've even slept with it in, it's so comfortable. Though sometimes the looped base leaves a funny mark.

I'd like to try the Pure Plug 2.0, but the larger base seems less friendly to longer-term wear.
Kendrir Kendrir
Originally posted by AvgJon
I really like wearing a plug, and find myself wearing one more and more. I'm partial to NJoy Pure plugs, super comfortable. If you use one, how often and which type plug is your favorite?
Don't own an NJoy, but I do enjoy wearing plugs. I've had my eye on these, though.
A Woman And Her Wand A Woman And Her Wand
I said never, not because it's not my thing though, but because I only own one, and it's huge. I am saving my points to get a smaller, beginner one.
geliebt geliebt
Only during play.
Ash1141 Ash1141
Never tried a plug
JGrey JGrey
Only during playtime....
Sublime Sublime
Generally before playtime, but sometimes I'll go outside with one when I'm feeling brave/frisky.
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