Peristalsis and you

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I was reading reviews on the Aneros Peridise set (sorry, unsure how to add product link) and the toy is a bit different: it's designed to work the colon and pelvic floor and stimulate peristaltic movement. Peristalsis is the type of contraction that moves food and other matter through the digestive tract, and anal peristaltic contractions are supposed to stimulate a different-feeling type of orgasm. Possessing as I do a vagina, I'm more familiar vaginal kegels, which are different and almost opposed to contracting the anus.

What I want to know is: for those of you who have worked on it and have gotten the peristalsis/"peristalt ic orgasm" from this or a similar product: how does it feel? Also, to be blunt, does this make you poop? Peristalsis moves stuff around, in theory.
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