Same question - maybe fresher point of view

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Same question - maybe fresher point of view

Chou Wang Chou Wang
I have been dating my current girlfriend for about 8 months now and we have been going through lots of fun sexually. She was quite shy at the start and seemingly did not really like sex to an extend where she would like to do it every day or close to that. Anal sex was out of question and oral sex was just the necessary evil you do without any enthusiasm. Well I blame it on previous boyfriends who could probably just stick it in and finish under 3 minutes. To hell ) Now I can barely save myself from her "sexual assaults" and besides she is waking me up at 5 am to have sex, I truly enjoy being with her sexually and generally speaking. We are bout the same age in our early 30s.

Now I'm obviously a bit more advanced so to say, and that thanks to proper women who crossed the path of my life, general interest in all sexual and affiliation with adult entertainment business as such but that's not the point. Although we have been talking about prostate stimulation and she got introduced to some small percentage of my toy collection it seems that its something she cant'really imagine doing. And that doesn't come from disgust or any taboo like stuff. It's just lack of sexual imagination which is slowly building up in other areas but not in the area of pegging.

Now I'd like to as the community both male and female. How you approached the subject of pegging and prostate stimulation where one of you was totally new to it.

Thanks in advance
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