What is your favorite TYPE of anal toy?

bayosgirl bayosgirl
There's so much variety out there. What would you say is your favorite type/category of anal toys?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
9  (6%)
Plug (non-vibrating)
80  (51%)
Plug (vibrating)
30  (19%)
31  (20%)
8  (5%)
Total votes: 158
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MaryExy MaryExy
I use plugs most, I think I'm going to buy a vibrating one in my next order to try.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
I want to say a vibrating plug. My husband and I have always used the regular glass plugs but we recently recieved a vibrating butt plug from my roommate at our wedding and we cannot stop using it. I'll have to buy another since we practically fight over it. Offers a very unique feeling during sex.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I prefer dildos for anal play!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Mostly trusting type toys with dil's more than vibes.
Anjulie Anjulie
Originally posted by Shellz31
I prefer dildos for anal play!
Same here.
tickle me pink tickle me pink
My vibrating plug is my favorite anal toy.
ScottA ScottA
I like them all, though standard beads are probably my least favorite (bead sticks are better).
Beck Beck
Plug that vibes.
clp clp
Beads, beads, beads. They were my first introduction into assplay and will always hold that place in my heart (even when other toys are consistently better!).
Sammi Sammi
I like them all, but regular plugs the best - they're by far the most versatile for me.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I love vibrating plugs!
null null
Non vibrating plug. Vibrations tickle and I consider dildos to be multi-use.
Dr Anal Dr Anal
I like vibrating plugs because they can be used just as a plug, but then you can also turn them on for some extra fun
Rossie Rossie
Non vibrating plug only - cannot stand any buzzing in my rear end!
Taylor Taylor
The only anal toy I've tried is a vibrating plug that I got last week. So far I love it, but I will have to try more toys so I can figure out what I like the best.
Liz2 Liz2
Non-vibrating plugs but I have used a few dils w wide bases.
Really never enjoyed vibrating plugs. I so dislike beads as they are just too damn much work for me!
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Vibrating plugs. In the past I made my own anal beads. Just taking out the supplies got my juices flowing. Somehow they lost their appeal and now I have both sets with fresh strings waiting more than a year for use. I haven't tried beaded probes and I think they could jump to the top of my list. They provide more sphincter stimulation than plain dildos but they're gentler than beads.
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
I would say plug, both vibrating and nonvibrating.
gthang78 gthang78
Originally posted by bayosgirl
There's so much variety out there. What would you say is your favorite type/category of anal toys?
I say so far for me plug....either vibrating or non...both good
Wildchild Wildchild
The fav would be a vibrator with a little bead play
ToyBoy ToyBoy
Beaded toys, dildos, and vibrators are my favorite.
haley730 haley730
padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by bayosgirl
There's so much variety out there. What would you say is your favorite type/category of anal toys?
I like butt plugs. I haven't tried a vibrating one yet so don't know what that feels like.
LostBoy988 LostBoy988
I'd have to go in between with a vibrating plug and or beads.
Ibegoodone Ibegoodone
Anything vibrating for me....love the feeling.
Spilock Spilock
Dildos for me, but I do like my Triple Ripple, which is probe-like. I haven't yet gotten to try a plug, so I can't weigh in on it.
NaturalWoman NaturalWoman
Definitely plug. I have yet to try a vibrating one but there is one on the way . . .
BlackxxxRose BlackxxxRose
A plug or dildo. I'm not a fan of anal beads much at all. I don't mind if it vibrates either as long as it's not beads, lol.
holypoison holypoison
Anything that stimulates the prostate well.
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