What's in the package?

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What's in the package?

Apirka Apirka
Ultra realistic cock with ass
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I was lucky enough to score the Ultra realistic cock with ass when it went on clearance recently. I received it a few days ago though I haven't tried it out yet. But I do have a question for anyone else who has gotten this at some point... What exactly is supposed to come in the package with this?

There are two spots molded for a bottle of lube and the powder, and several reviews state that these items were with their toy. But my plastic package wasn't sealed completely and came with neither item. I did submit a support ticket about the "missing items", but it's not like I'm going to return the toy because of missing lube and powder nor am I sure what will/can be done about it (this is the first time I've done a support ticket so I'm unsure of the full process).

So, my question to those who've had this or perhaps gotten it recently due to the clearance... did you receive lube and/or powder in the package?

Thanks in advance!
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