Gift help for a friend.

Gift help for a friend.

Creepellah Creepellah 12/28/2012

Which of these stockings look better?

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Creepellah Creepellah
I would like my best friend a sexy gift and I can't decide between these two. I'm leaning more towards the pompeii but the saigon looks nice as well I just don't know if she would like the back design.
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edeneve edeneve
if it's not a surprise, ask her. if it is a surprise, bring the topic up w/o being too interested.
Terri69 Terri69
I like the Pompeii
Huff Huff
The Pompeii looks great
Beck Beck
Pompeii one is available in Plus size and OS so I say that one. Be sure you know which size she needs. Over a size 12-14 needs plus size.
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