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Velvet Santa costume
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This Holiday season is a great time to have a little fun... What is your opinion of playing dressup for the holidays? Do you have any good ideas for a homemade costume? Post links to your favorite items on this website staying on the lower end of cost? Plus links to any other websites w/ good deals that u can mix w/ deals from this site as well? Get creative post homemade ideas using common household items I'll try to post anything I can think of in the days leading up to Christmas. ALSO PLZ POST ANY COUPON CODES... IF UR MAKING THIS A GIFT MAKE SURE U GIVE OR USE IT EARLY SO U GET MAXIMUM USE OUT OF IT...This is a great website for inexpensive holiday costumes... WHAT R YOUR IDEAS FOR MIX/MATCH COSTUMES???When your partner gets home surprise them put on a sexy outfit red panty set, garter and thigh high. If your low on money just use your cutest red panties and a santa hat add some red heels if you have them gloves are good too. this website is fantastic because you can use the points system to help pay for your costume... If you place an order make sure to get your free gift... Also if you havent ordered it yet get the newsletter that gives you a free vibrator which will be a great prop for your roleplay not to mention if you havent signed up go for a newsletter you get ten dollars worth of points...
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