Gillet lotion experience *ICE ICE BABY!!*

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So, I discovered this lotion in a free sample when my boyfriend had picked up a razor. It's called the Gillet Instant cooling aftershave lotion, he never uses any products so i decided to try it. I LOVED it!!!!! Beautiful feeling to it. The cooling sensation it gives you after fresh shaven legs sends tingling feelings all throughout the area.
Last night I ended up buying a larger bottle of the stuff and shaved everywhere! Then had my boyfriend put it on everywhere like massaging oil, and OH MAN!!!!! I could've died and went to Ice Heaven!!! What a rush!!! It's too bad that this was not made for women, besides smelling like a dude for 2-3 days and feeling my skin fully hydrated and silky smooth, The cooling feeling is just incredible! even say, using your breath on your skin (breathing onto your arm) will make everything instantly cold.
I've become addicted to this product and will keep buying it everytime until one day there's something maybe for women or a type of lubricant that can do just the same!!!

My question to you all is:
Have you ever liked a product that wasn't really meant for your gender? Was it so good to you that you didn't care and kept buying it anyways?
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