What do you think feels best?

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What do you think feels best?

SparklyGlitter SparklyGlitter 02/10/2012

What do you prefer to get the job done?

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SparklyGlitter SparklyGlitter
any opinions?
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Apples and oranges. Silicone, especially o2 silicone feels entirely different from glass. For me there is no better or worse. One time I want my Amethyst another I want my Acute. And sometimes I want one and then the other.
married with children married with children
they are both nice. depends on how much drag you want, and how much give in the material.
dhig dhig
i prefer silicone for the give
Modern^Spank^Anthem Modern^Spank^Anthem
the grrlz toy looks pretty hot
SparklyGlitter SparklyGlitter
ECU Pirate ECU Pirate
O2 is supposed to be amazing.
Positwist Positwist
Originally posted by ECU Pirate
O2 is supposed to be amazing.
O2 O2! Really a fabulous material.
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