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Alley Harlow Alley Harlow
Ok, I have the lelo liv again, again bc i get way too wet and killed one :|. This vibrator, used at least twice daily for a year almost is only used on my clit as i would wet it too much internally, not to mention its the smallest **** i've ever had, and and if i wanted a baby**** id goto a few guys i know.. lol. Alas, my liv never felt "OMG" since a month in or two.. im not sure anything changed besides my sensitivity in knowin how it will feel as i use it so so much.... anyway... i dont cum 2-3x everytime now. maybe once, plus i need a 1.125 in toy (that doesnt even work - i am pathetic toywise) inside helping "fill me" and it takes 15-20mins.. which for me is other ppls 4 or 5 hours... its hell, i want to cry when i dont cum. anyway...

I need some toy buying help. I need 1 1/8 in - 1.5 (i HOPE that'll fit) and hopefully waterproof. I need something water resistant, no moving beads... POWERFUL.. with the buzzy part near the front.. so its good clitorally. maybe a few. budgets like... $50 max per toy.. need 7. (wanna go 1 daily, so i dont "get used to it" like i think i did the lelo liv.

so please. if you have any clue what i am saying.. help.
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