Which colour of the high intensity bullet do you like best?

Solar Ray Solar Ray
Which colour would you choose for the high intensity bullet?

High Intensity Bullet
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Coralbell , Lily Night , Stephanie Marie , mllebeauty , phunkyphreak , Totogrl , wetone123 , StrawberryEve , toxie m , ❦Angel Of Music❦ , tigerkate , Sweet-Justice , loveshocks , zeebot , girl next door , Nicky , Redboxbaby , Kaltir , xfairyxtalex , Libra , Riley , gone77 , lovin , TumorCrunch , Booty Boop , KaraSutra , ichwillwaffels , Dame , NuMe , aBeastlyLittleThing , PiratePrincess , SugarAndSpice , Drifter86 , beeauctie2 , Sohotdinosaur , gladiola , Ajax , darthkitt3n , Danielle915 , Mya , Mr. E , namelesschaos , MTB , iLashe , froggiemoma , sexygoddess , nicole07 , potstickers , ZenaidaMacroura , MaryExy , EndlessFrost , Miss Zombie , Eucaly , v23 , DeliciousSurprise , MJ1337 , Miss Nessa , Bunnycups , Sinfully , zracer , wa2cee , exploringthechimera , haley730 , AlaskanBeauty , pam2 , jjonk , Kitty Grub , Beck , sarki , LadyDragonfly , TheHardOne , sweetpea12 , Missmarc , Missy May , Mwar , dbm6907 , Dominekoyasha , Positwist , roskat , LAndJ , cottonxcandy , SJ88 , (k)InkyIvy , satinlady550 , sexytileena / absolutely love sex , TheirPet , KRD , Undecided , Leather & Lace , Howells
90  (60%)
Mell , Fuck it. , liilii080 , Cora Jane , toysforall , amplified to rock
6  (4%)
lucymalfoy , 7Miles , Spring , sixfootsex , kelaaa33wish , irishlove , Eva Schwaltz , clp , sasweetheart89 , destinationtwilight , calliope , Dixiemomma , MK434 , Sauceboss
14  (9%)
Moisamazing , Miss Voluptuous , Lio , LanaBean , Shellz31 , honeybee7484 , fromazoo , tickle me pink , mandiegk , Cream in the Cupcake , dv8 , Ivy Wilde , Pixel , anonomous , KittenPrincess , Endocott , anonymouse58 , link82 , HotCouple , SiNn , CoffeeCup , aliceinthehole , Pinkhare , starrify , LaLaLouise , petname , WeekendRadio , Form 7 , LaSchwartz , SaraU29 , Hibangel , Shadowed
32  (21%)
kittychilla , krisvida , AlexLady , Ryuson , ThoughtsAblaze , Gemstone , eeep
7  (5%)
Total votes: 149
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Stephanie Marie Stephanie Marie
The pink. My two favorite colors, Lime green and bright pink. ...Which is the one I have already.
phunkyphreak phunkyphreak
The pink is so pretty
toxie m toxie m
Pink, just because it's the only one that appears to be matte. If the white was also matte, I'd go with that but I'm not a big fan of shiny plastic
❦Angel Of Music❦ ❦Angel Of Music❦
I got the pink one because I love the matte velvet feel of it...and I love pink and green as a combination lol.
tigerkate tigerkate
I have the pink one now, because it has a velvety feel.
I used to have the Crystal High Intensity Bullet, and after a month or so of vigorous use, the plastic metallic coating started to chip off in tiny pieces.
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Pink & White. But I voted Pink cause that's the one I ordered.
zeebot zeebot
Pink! I like it better than the shiny colours.
girl next door girl next door
Originally posted by Stephanie Marie
The pink. My two favorite colors, Lime green and bright pink. ...Which is the one I have already.
same here! I love hot pink and lime green. It was a no brainer when I bought mine
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
I wish it was all lime green!
Kaltir Kaltir
I have the pink/lime one and it's even cuter in person
xfairyxtalex xfairyxtalex
I have the pink and lime colored one, and I really like the color. I have to agree, it does look much better in person!
gone77 gone77
I'm not normally a fan of the pink and green colors, but they're EF colors so I like it for that reason alone.
lovin lovin
The pink is nice, to be honest the quality isn't as good as I thought. I had it two days and it sounds like a loose screw. It was good while it last.
KaraSutra KaraSutra
The majority of my products are pink, I don't know why but I love them!
ichwillwaffels ichwillwaffels
Originally posted by Solar Ray
Which colour would you choose for the high intensity bullet?

Pink! I love the green stripes. Makes me think of watermelon.
Fuck it. Fuck it.
I wanted the white one, too bad it wasn't the free option. I don't like having pink toys.
aBeastlyLittleThing aBeastlyLittleThing
Originally posted by Solar Ray
Which colour would you choose for the high intensity bullet?

if there were more matte and satiny colors, i'd like more. but the pink is my favorite cuz of that, and it's amazing green and pinks!
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I love the pink one even though I'm not usually a huge fan of pink toys.
beeauctie2 beeauctie2
PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
gladiola gladiola
I've mostly got pink toys so I'm definitely for the pink with this one
Ajax Ajax
Pretty close between the pink and the white for me
Shellz31 Shellz31
Definitely the black
Danielle915 Danielle915
I like pink...but then again, pink is one of my favorite colors
krisvida krisvida
Only one other person likes silver? I like mine to be different because a lot of them use pink or purple and blahblahblah. I think silver is nice.
Mya Mya
pink is cute
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I voted for the EF branded pink and green.
froggiemoma froggiemoma
tickle me pink tickle me pink
I like black the best. I have enough pink.
purplekidney purplekidney
I like the non-pink colors better (already have a pink toy, time for a new color!), but the pink and green one looks like it has a less "shiny" texture than the other ones, so I'd go with that.
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Unique posters: 72