Birthday present for a guy?

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So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon and I am trying to figure out what (if any) kind of toy I should get him. I've already gotten him a sweet leather/tobacco flavored candle and a vintage leather jacket that I thrifted a while ago. He knows I am on here all the time, and that I am always buying things for myself and sometimes for the both of us (crops and restraints and such). However,I've never gotten something just for him; I'm not sure how he would react if I got him a masturbator or something.

We've also recently become long distance because I got a job in another town. So I feel like, if ever, now is the time to try getting him something. I'm looking for suggestions as far as something that would interest a guy who is a fan of Tarantino and Clint Eastwood (aka rugged manliness).

I need male sex toy suggestions for use by a newbie. Maybe a particularly quality brand that isn't too intimidating.
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