Would you let your girl friend or boyfriend piss on you?

Beck Beck
I have never let him, but he has when we were in the shower, totally gross! I would never let anyone pee on me. I tried to pee on his foot in shower does not work real well for girl to do. I knew a girl who let men pee in her mouth eww, but to each their own.
sexybutterfly sexybutterfly
i think its just wrong
null null
Probably not, however, if my SO were into it I'd be ok with other watersports, like me pissing on him. Just as long as he understands that its one way and I'm only doing it because I love him.
briluminary briluminary
nnaahhh that's not my thing.
meitman meitman
Not my thing personally and luckily I'm pretty sure it's not my wife's either.
NarcissisticLust NarcissisticLust
If this is something you are not comfortable with, I would say no. Absolutely discuss the topic and I hope you don't feel pressured into anything. Ten years is a long time, it's good that he's expressing what he wants, but you should also do the same.
C-Rae C-Rae
No, NEVER! That just doesn't appeal to me
Fun Lover Fun Lover
Not for us! But to each his or her own. Some people get off on it just not us.
IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
HotCouple HotCouple
It just isn't for me, but I know my hubby wouldn't be into it either.
guard083 guard083
I never would let him and he would never would let me either
emiliaa emiliaa
No way. I hope he can understand you not wanting to do that. o_O That's just too weird. I say if he keeps persisting and it makes you uncomfortable he's no good, honestly. That is a totally understandable thing not to want.
Lucky21 Lucky21
I am a pretty open person, but I draw the lines with "other" body fluids.
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
I'm sorry, but I'm up for almost anything. I WOULD NEVER DO THIS!!! I'd rather be shot in the face.
Jon S Jon S
not for me
Pixel Pixel
Originally posted by VieuxCarre
I really can't say no because of our relationship dynamic and even if I could I wouldn't. As long as it's done in a shower where it can be washed off quickly, then it's fine. That's just me, though. Pee is sterile so it doesn't squick me out.
This echoes my feelings on the topic. Watersports aren't my kink, but if Master says that's what's going to happen, then I just need to suck it up and deal. *shrugs*
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
Nope. He peed on my feet in the shower once, and it was disgusting.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Not my thing, so I don't think so. I'm actually glad no one has ever asked me for that. If you're uncomfortable, then just explain to him why you don't want to, and he should understand.
Rawhide Rawhide
once, in the shower
acessorie acessorie
If he wanted to in the shower and below the neck then OK give it a try.
Kkay Kkay
If he wanted to and it was in an easy-to-clean place, sure. It'd need to be part of a desired kink, though, and not just a random "so hey, mind if I..."
geliebt geliebt
Not an interest for me. This is one of my few hard lines. I just can't get into it at all.
Angewin Angewin
No. It just sounds like some male dominance B.S. that I would never involve myself in.
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
We've done it and probably will again.
Katastophy Katastophy
Only if the guy that wanted to piss on me and I were in a really close, strong relationship. I wouldn't be comfortable with it otherwise. It's interesting to see how many people would try it!
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Not unless they wanna be royally strangled, lol.
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
I would and have. Though it wasn't straight out urination, rather squirting.
Kitka Kitka
I don't want to be pissed on but I could see trying it out with me pissing on someone else, not my husband though, that would just be too weird.
DeliciousDrip DeliciousDrip
o_o' No thnkxx!!
AmberM AmberM
I haven't done it, but that doesn't mean i wouldn't try it..
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