Description Review Program Guidelines

The Description Review Program was created out of our commitment to have better information available to our customers. We found that the product information on packaging was not sufficient with most toys and did not accurately portray a toy's function to the buyer. We have our reviewers write the product descriptions from real experience. We only include reviewers who are reliable, write well, and can complete the reviews in a timely fashion.
One challenge is that these are often black box reviews - where you will receive an item that you cannot first view on the website. Like our other assignments, you can choose to decline an assigned description review. When we do have photos available, you will be able to see them.
Below is an outline of the process for participants.
Product info: Include all features/functions of vibes, types offasteners on harnesses, etc. Don't worry about technical details likemeasurements, material, etc. We'll still be providing the toy properties on the page as we do now.
Review: The main difference between these pieces and our other reviews is the level of objectivity on your part, given that these reviews will be in place of any other product description on individual product pages; you're really introducing viewers to the item as well as giving your own opinion. A good way to think about this writing is as a personalized tour of the toy.
The review should still be an honest reflection of your opinion; however, you should refrain from general opinions and "buy" or "don't buy" statements. Include your personal experience with the toy, but if you don't like things that are subjective (like, the size is too big/small for you), don't allow that to be a determining factor in how you rate the toy.
As this review should be an objective product description, it is not acceptable to mention personal details like your blog - however, if you do a personal continuation of the review on your blog (not duplicate text to the Eden review), we will allow one discreet line - such as "to read more about my personal experience with this toy, go to www…". You must be sure that you place a link to the Eden Fantasys review in your blog as well.
Review summary: Your review summary will show up on the actual product page, so be mindful when you write it - these sentences will be the most highly viewed part of the review. The summary should be all about the product's properties and functions, and should not include any personal details. Please don't copy/paste from the body of the review. Make sure that your review summary is very well written.
Rating: We'd like you to rate the toy if it worked for you. However, if this toy was a mismatch and you have no personal use for it, let us know in your review and we'll indicate that on the site with a "not rated for personal reasons" box - and we'll also have another contributor review the toy to give a second opinion which we will post on the site. This is the tricky area of the review, because we do want a rating that reflects your experience, but don't want to list very low ratings that have more to do with personal preference and anatomy than the actual toy quality. If you plan to rate a toy 3 stars or less, consider whether your reason is personal or if it is a matter of function. Rate the toy based on function performance and properties.
Preferences: Please provide a list of any toy type you are absolutelyNOT willing to review, for whatever reason. For example: double dildos, bdsm gear, anal-specific toys, harnesses, certain types of lube, etc. Also list any materials that are absolutely off-limits for you - jelly, cyberskin, and so on. Keep in mind that since these are descriptions, we need to accommodate a wide range of materials. Unless you have a serious health concern about any specific item, we'll ask you to work around your preferences in this area (condoms are useful!) and be open to trying a variety of toys.
In order to better match items for review with writers, please also give some basic information about your sexual orientation/preferences. For example, it wouldn't be helpful for us or you to send a double dildo to someone who doesn't practice dual penetration with a partner, or a riding crop to a non-kinky person, etc. Furthermore, as far as toy types/shapes go, if there are any particulars about your anatomy, that you'd like to share in order to reduce the likelihood of receiving toys that you think won't be a good match for you, please do so. Using the basic toy categories on the site will be helpful with this. We will expect applicant contributors will have their profiles filled out completely.
For more information, please email: