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Product summary and comments by Jobthingy


The twisty is a great little plug when used suctioned to a hard surface. Its swirled design makes for some fun sensations but its lack of a tapered neck doesn't allow it to stay put.

Best use:

Catalog ID: DJ024444

UPC: 782421000622

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Jobthingy's opinion
    Ever wonder what would happen if a cheap shower curtain and some jolly ranchers made some sweet love and you walked into the room shortly after they were done and could smell their sex lingering? Ok, maybe you haven't, but I bet you are now! And I can tell you that I am pretty sure that the smell that comes off this toy is exactly that scent.

    The Sil-a-Gel stinks like plastic and fruit. I was not going to taste it. I did though, for science. I only tasted it AFTER I washed it twice with soap and then another time with toy cleaner and I can tell you that it still tasted nasty. The smell and the taste are enough for me to never use this without covering it first. Of course, this is a rather porous material so covering it is always a good idea to begin with. It also picks up everything in its path so condoms would help keep dust and what not out of your body. It is, however, latex and cadmium free.

    The texture of the Sil-a-gel is tacky and squishy, yet it is still firm enough that it doesn't bend over on itself when passing the sphincter. It is lovely to squeeze and play with but that scent will linger on your hands and anything else it touches. Because of this tacky feeling, the slightly raised base suctions really well to hard surfaces. I even got it to suction to my wall.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    3 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    2 3/4"
    1 1/8"
    4 oz
    Jobthingy's opinion
    And now, onto the specs. The Twisty is a total of 3.75 inches long with an insertable length of just a hair under 3 inches. The tip of the toy is half an inch wide and it swirls like a soft serve ice cream cone to its widest point and 1.5 inches where it meets the flared base. It has no tapered neck which is a serious downfall. The flared base is 2.25 inches wide and as I mentioned previously, it has some serious suction power. In fact, I can suction it to my door and hang my robe off of it without wondering if it will fall. See?!

    The size is great in that it is not too long, and the ridges of the swirl will feel amazing for those who love textured toys.

    The swirly design does not exactly make it look like something you would be putting in your butt unless the onlooker knows what these sorts of things are meant for. Leaving it out in the open though will cause it to pick up every last dust particle floating around your house.
  • Performance

    Jobthingy's opinion
    Unfortunately, as awesome as this guy looks, it's not the best. With no tapered neck at the base combined with lube, it just doesn't stay in while lying down. Using this for extended periods of time will not work well because it slides out as fast as it goes in. I did suction it to both a chair and a wall and had at it that way which was much better because I knew something would be holding it in place.

    The swirl did give some lovely texture while it moved in and out and sitting on it did give me that full feeling I was looking for. At the wall it was just sort of meh because it is pretty short and so it was hard to get much in.

    Using it for DP is pretty awkward because it does not stay where it is supposed to and the man is new to P-spot play so he has yet to try it. When we get there I will make note of it in the follow-up.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Jobthingy's opinion
    Although Sil-a-Gel is quoted as being anti-bacterial it is not exactly safe. It will not grow extra nasty from the core but it can certainly pick up anything it comes into contact with. This includes bacteria, dust, hair and random airborne debris.

    I would first and foremost suggest always using this toy with a condom (whether you use it only solo or with a partner) to protect not only you, but as well as keeping the toy in good condition longer. This is also a good idea because this material cannot be sterilized.

    You can easily wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner of your choice both before and after each use. There is a Doc Johnson imprint in the base so just be sure to take extra care to clean that out. You will want to let it air dry and store it in either its original clamshell packaging or a Ziploc bag to prevent it from picking up lint or melting into anything else.

    Sil-a-Gel is happy with water or silicone based lube so there is no worry there.
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